Sunday, 13 December 2009

christmas is coming

Christmas is coming and the goose is getting fat. You've cooked your goose for now.

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Boy wonder's gone with the wind

Boy wonder, twenty twenty is gone. I am now alone in the house with two vile creatures with foul mouths terrorising me and my younger two sons. How dare you swear in front of my children. Be quiet. Who the fuck are you bitch ? Don't speak to me in that way.

I am afraid.I am not brave. My mouth is motivated by the need for calm as I have a six year old and sixteen year old to protect.

Where's that c u n t - but they didn't use the gaps.

Yes I opened the door to find two leather clad black men with scars down both face, and shaven heads and earrings, standing hands on hips on my red doorstep in the hot sunlight.

Where's that cunt - where's that fucking cunt ?

My neighbours are sitting in their flower filled garden, eating finger food, sipping wine and playing with their children with a small multi-coloured ball that rolls down the path towards my front door. The two year old toddler begins to run after the rolling ball towards the men with scars. Come in I say.

Boy wonder turns into Olympian athlete with the knocking of the door

Knock knock who's there - friend or foe.

I wondered who had the damn audacity to knock with such audacious vigour on my cottage door in the Worcestershire countryside,where peace and quiet and calm are in abundance.

One Sunny August Bank Holiday Afternoon.

One sunny Bank Holiday August afternoon, our peace and tranquility was blown apart by loud bangs on the front door.

Three brothers sitting watching tv together, aged 6, sixteen and 20. Twenty Twenty has been living away from home for almost four years and feels he now wishes to come home and be a part of the family of three boys and Mom.

I found it hard to believe ,but hey, he's my boy and I love him and always hope for the nightmare to stop, so why not give him a chance, again.

Sunday, 15 November 2009

A never ending monologue

It's hard to recall the spiral downwards - but it's here for me and your brothers to see in all its glory.

Euphemisms permeate your life

I'm you with a cock Mum

One of my beloved eldest child's favourite phrases -
remember I'm you with a cock Mum- and don't you ever forget it.

I haven't don't worry.