Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Where's that c u n t - but they didn't use the gaps.

Yes I opened the door to find two leather clad black men with scars down both face, and shaven heads and earrings, standing hands on hips on my red doorstep in the hot sunlight.

Where's that cunt - where's that fucking cunt ?

My neighbours are sitting in their flower filled garden, eating finger food, sipping wine and playing with their children with a small multi-coloured ball that rolls down the path towards my front door. The two year old toddler begins to run after the rolling ball towards the men with scars. Come in I say.

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  1. oh i have so been there...LOL those neighbors called the police and it took me 15 minutes to convince them i was not the victim of a home invasion.. i have just become a reader

    be blessed
    brother frankie